Swadeshi Dairy, an epitome of nativity and an amalgamation of traditional farming with modern technology, is Visakhapatnam’s very own local dairy brand. Providing 100% pure and desi cow milk and ghee, Swadeshi Dairy is among the top dairy farms in the city.

Established in the year 2015, Swadeshi Dairy is one of the first Desi cow dairy farms in South India and among the top dairy farms in Visakhapatnam that provide fresh and healthy Desi Cow Milk and Ghee. With a huge farm nurturing only Desi Cows, Swadeshi Dairy is built in a pleasant environment, away from the city where the cows get to grow in lush green surroundings. Feeding, milking and the processing of the products is done in very hygienic conditions to ensure that fresh, pure and healthy products are delivered to the customers.

With over 15 years of experience in the dairy field, Swadeshi Dairy farm is built on a vast land of 10 acres where hundreds of Desi cows from across the country are being bred in the well-built shelter. Many Desi Cows like Sahiwal and Red Sindhi from Punjab, Gir and Kankrej from Gujarat, Vechur from Kerala, Malnad Gidda from Karnataka, Tharparkar and Ongle varieties are nurtured in the farm.These varieties of Desi Cows are known for their cholesterol free and A2 protein-rich milk.


Combining organic methods with modern technology to obtain good productivity, we have focused on bringing up the cows in a comfortable and clean environment. Adjoining the 10 acres dairy farm is a green pasture of 50 acres land where the feed for the cows is grown. We employ loose housing in order to let the cows move about freely and graze in the fields around the farm.

The Desi Cow milk and ghee are known for their many health benefits and nutritional value. The milk and ghee which are wholesome and nourishing for maintaining good health. The breeding, milking, packing, and delivery of the products, all done with great care and professionalism, the products delivered by Swadeshi Dairy are worth your money and trust.

Movva Haresh Kumar
Born and brought up in a farmer’s family, Movva Haresh Kumar has always been inspired and passionate about agriculture and farming. A law graduate from Siddhartha College, Vijayawada, Mr. Haresh Kumar wanted to pursue his passion as a career. He has been into farming for the past 20 years learning and practicing the best and eco-friendly methods of agriculture with the help of modern technology. He started the dairy farm with very few cows and later expanded it to establish a huge dairy farm spread over 10 acres of land with around 300 cows bred in it. He nurtures the cows on his farm with utmost care and attention which is in result leading him towards the path of success.